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Note: After July 15th, still cordially welcome to submit?abstracts to ISNSC11+WFIM-3, yet please be aware that such late abstracts can only be set as poster presentations and cannot be put into the formal published Proceedings (a book with ISBN), instead those will be printed out separately to distribute to attendees during the meeting.
Welcome to The 11th International Symposium on Nano & Supramolecular Chemistry (ISNSC-11)
The 3rd World Forum on Industrial Minerals (WFIM-3)

Qing Yang? (Jiu Hua Shan), Chi Zhou City, China
? October 12-16, 2019

Theme: Fusion of Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Industrial Mineralogy

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To recognize the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s achievement, the United Nations declared 2019 to be
the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements


On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 11th International Symposium on Nano & Supramolecular Chemistry (ISNSC-11) and the 3rd World Forum on Industrial Minerals (WFIM-3).
The ISNSC-11 will be held in a beautiful place, Qing Yang County (Jiu Hua Shan), Chi Zhou City, China, during October 12-16, 2019 (with available flight and train connections).
The conference venue is ideally located in a magnificent scenic area alongside Jiu Hua Shan? National Geological Park (
Approved by UNESCO as World GeoPark on Apr 17, 2019) and National Forestry Park, with easy access to public transport, hotels, restaurants and bars, pedestrian shopping areas, museums, parks, gardens as well as serving as a base for further excursions in China.
狗万地址 足彩吧狗万赢钱多久到账狗万平台可靠吗 The main theme of the symposium is Nano & Supramolecular Chemistry and its aim is to explore current research progress and to promote the discussion of the challenges facing Nano and Supramolecular Chemistry. Topics for discussion will span nano-technology, catalysis, material science, nanominerals, nanogeoscience, and related areas, including interdisciplinary aspects. The symposium also aims to foster opportunities for partnerships and collaborations between delegates as well as between industry and academia. The ISNSC-11 is also being held in association with The Third World Forum on Industrial Minerals (WFIM-3), focusing on nanominerals and related supramolecular mineral-based materials.
The ISNSC was initiated in October 2007 in Busan, and was most recently held in Bali (Indonesia, 2014), Busan (Korea, 2015), Brisbane (Australia, 2016), Naples (Italy, 2017), and Dresden (Germany, 2018). Now ISNSC-11 & WFIM-3 will be held together.
We aim to bring together 300 national and international delegates who work in diverse areas of Nano & Supramolecular Chemistry and Industrial Minerals (including nanomineralogy, nanogeochemistry, mineral-derived functional nanomaterials and related catalysis).
The conference will feature outstanding plenary and invited speakers, as well as poster presentations.
Students and young scientists are more than welcome! Student attendance will be encouraged and supported by affordable, reduced registration fees and preferential rates for accommodation and giving the possibility to present their results during Oral and Poster Sessions.
The program of the meeting will include the following topics and promote innovations and breakthroughs by multidisciplinary interactions :

Session 1: Supramolecular Chemistry;? ?Supramolecular Materials & Applications; Natural? Supramolecular Products
Session 2:
(S2.1) Nano-Chemistry;?Nanoporous Materials & Nanosheets;? ?Nano-Catalysis;??Battery & Energy Nanomaterials;??
(S2.2) Nanobiomedicine;? Nanotechnology in Soil & Environment;?Nanotechnology in Agriculture & Forestry
Session 3: Nano-minerals Science & Engineering, Nanogeoscience;? Supramolecular Assembly of Nano-minerals & Related Hybrids & Composites (including?Eco-friendly?Mineral Nanomaterials;?Functional?Mineral/Polymer Nanocomposites &?Biomass/Mineral Nanocomposites)

Session?4:? This parallel session is specially designed for Students who eagerly apply for oral presentation. The topic of the work which is focused on or relevant to S1-S3 above is acceptable. Please make sure the student will definitely attend the meeting and make the presentation then. Awards to the students will be set and selected for best research work/presenters.?
Session 5 (=Poster Session):For those who merely want to give a Poster, the abstracts should all be submitted to S5 and mention it as 'poster' in the doc file name.

December 1, 2018 – June 15, 2019 (Deadline); Extended to June 30.
Before June 15, 2019.
Further detailed information can be found on our official conference website.

Template of Abstract;
Information on Topics and Abstract Submission
Sign-up, Registration and Hotel Booking Form
A rich social programme including the Welcome Reception, Conference Banquet, and excursions will allow conference attendees and accompanying persons to enjoy the warm hospitality and the extraordinary beauty of Qing Yang, Jiuhuashan, and its surroundings.
For Formal Invitation Letter, please contact by email:
For further detailed and updated information, please keep visiting our official conference website.

We cordially invite you to join this scientific event and to present your recent prominent research findings.We look forward to welcoming you to Qing Yang and to the Conference that promises to be both a great scientific and social event.

Sincerely yours,

Chun Hui Zhou (Zhejiang University of Technology, China)? ? ? ? ? ? ??
Yang Kim, Cheng-Zhong (Michael) Yu, Martino Di Serio, Jan J. Weigand, Artur Stefankiewicz
Hong Ping He, Tian Hu Chen, Hong Ting Zhao, Chun Hui Zhou

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